Midland’s latest single “Up in Texas” is a soul-stirring anthem that pays homage to the rich heritage and unyielding spirit of the Lone Star State. The trio, known for their modern take on traditional country, delivers a heartfelt performance that captures the essence of Texas in every note.

The song opens with a twangy guitar riff that instantly transports listeners to the vast landscapes and big skies of Texas. Mark Wystrach’s smooth vocals, combined with Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy’s impeccable instrumentation, create a sound that feels both timeless and contemporary.

Lyrically, “Up in Texas” paints a vivid picture of the pride and resilience ingrained in the Texan way of life. The lyrics celebrate the state’s storied history, from the Alamo to the oil fields, and showcase the enduring strength of its people. With lines like “Where the West begins, and the sun sets in the sand,” the song encapsulates the rugged beauty and independent spirit that define Texas.

“Up in Texas” is a testament to Midland’s ability to blend traditional country elements with a fresh and contemporary sound. It’s a standout track that not only showcases Midland’s musical prowess but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of Texas.


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